The AKLEGAL Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in the area of copyrights and related rights, including in particular legal handling of the process of acquisition of proprietary copyrights or licences and necessary permits from a creator (e.g. for exercising the so-called derivative rights); preparation of contracts for creation of audiovisual works, computer software; protection of proprietary and personal rights of a creator; protection of performer artists and related rights they are entitled to, comprehensive legal support for advertising agencies, as well as production and media houses; negotiation and preparation of contracts between model agencies and models; negotiation and preparation of contracts between advertising agencies and their clients; legal assistance in preparing comparative advertisements in compliance with the law; legal assistance in the case of having created a misleading advertisement, advertisement of products considered to be sensitive, preparation of contracts with media houses concerning the use of media time or space for a charge. The founder of the AKLEGAL Law Firm – advocate Artur Krzykowski gained particularly extensive experience in the area of the advertising and media law while providing, as an in-house lawyer, for nearly 3 years, full legal services to the reputable advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Polska Sp. z o o. and media houses Zenith Media Polska Sp. z o o. and Equinox Sp z o.o. In all cases related to the advertising, media and copyright law, as well as protection of personal rights, the Law Firm provides professional procedural services if a case goes to a court or an arbitration tribunal.