The AKLEGAL Law Firm provides comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of conducting all types of court cases and negotiations concerning real properties, in particular the following: acquisition of ownership of real property under a contract (Article 155 of the Civil Code); lease, tenancy, hire-purchase, bona fide and mala fide acquisitive prescription of real properties; cancellation of co-ownership and partition of real property; cases concerning infringement of possession of real property; cases concerning claims of an owner against a possessor of real property and vice versa (Article 224 et seq. of the Civil Code); claims of an autonomous possessor against an owner e.g. under Article 231 of the Civil Code; establishment of limited rights in rem on real property (e.g. mortgage, servitude), negotiating of contracts for establishment of perpetual usufruct right (Article 232 et seq. of the Civil Code); analysis of the legal situation of real properties (due diligence); regulation of the legal situation of real properties; preparation of applications in cases concerning granting approval to a project, applications for issuance of a decision on building and land development conditions; we ensure also representation of Clients in cases concerning civil and criminal liability in the case of violation of the Environment Protection Law Act; we ensure conducting cases under the Monument Protection and Care Act; we provide comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of the construction law; in particular in the process of obtaining building permits; we ensure full handling of construction projects in the area of the administrative law; including the Real Property Management Act; we represent Clients in administrative proceedings before public administration authorities, as well as before administrative courts; the AKLEGAL Law Firm maintains close cooperation with notarial offices. In all the above mentioned cases, the Law Firm provides professional procedural services if a case goes to a court or an arbitration tribunal.

In October 2012 a report of our authorship was released with the title: „Rotation plots of land on the Internet – legal analysis” (more…)