The AKLEGAL Law Firm provides comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of preparation of all types of commercial transactions (Article 353 (1) et seq. of the Civil Code), templates of contracts and regulations (Article 384 et seq. of the Civil Code), including also regulations of contests and lotteries, in particular: preparation, from the perspective of legal aspects, starting from obtaining a building permit, of complex construction investment projects, on the basis of both the provisions of the Civil Code and FIDIC, including negotiation and preparation of contracts between an investor and a general contractor, as well as between a subcontractor and a general contractor and an investor (Article 647 et seq. of the Civil Code); preparation of and expressing opinions on development contracts, lease and tenancy contracts of real properties (including those concerning premises, residential estate and commercial estate); hire-purchase of real and personal properties (Article 709 (1) et seq. of the Civil Code); preparation of and expressing opinions on distribution and agency contracts, preparation of mechanisms used to ensure performance of contracts, as well as establishment of legal safeguards in case of their non-performance or defective performance; preparation of contracts for assignment of receivables (Article 509 et seq. of the Civil Code), factoring, forfaiting, contract for debt takeover (Article 519 of the Civil Code). In all cases related to the contract law, the Law Firm provides professional procedural services if a case goes to a court or an arbitration tribunal.