The AKLEGAL Law Firm provides comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of the commercial and economic law, including in particular the following: preparation of and expressing opinions on contracts and other documents necessary for registration of commercial partnerships and companies; legal preparation of operations related to division, merger or transformation of existing commercial partnerships or companies; protection of enterprises from torts of unfair competition, inter alia under the Act on combating unfair competition (e.g. from trade secret infringements, misleading advertising, prohibited comparative advertising, collection of the so-called shelf fees from suppliers by large chains); preparation of activities related to disposal, in particular in the form of providing in-kind contribution, enterprise in the substantive meaning (Article 55 (1) of the Civil Code); negotiation and preparation of contracts between partners of partnerships or shareholders of companies; negotiation of, expressing opinions on and preparation of manager’s contracts with members of management boards and contracts with key employees and independent contractors of partnerships and companies; preparation of regulations of management board in companies; preparation, from the perspective of legal aspects, of trade secrets’ safeguards, preparation of amendments to partnerships’ agreements or companies’ articles of association; preparation of increase or decrease of share capital; carrying out activities necessary to redeem shares in a limited liability company (Article 199 of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code), cases for revocation (Article 249 of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code) or annulment (Article 252 of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code) of resolutions in a limited liability company; cases concerning exclusion of a shareholder from a company (Article 266 et seq. of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code); disposal or encumbrance of shares; carrying out liquidation of commercial partnerships or companies; pursuing claims for liability for damages of members of corporate bodies (Article 291 et seq. of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code); defending members of management boards in commercial companies in criminal proceedings related to the fulfilment of their functions (Article 585 et seq. of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code); obtaining permits and concessions for carrying out regulated business activity; representing enterprises in proceedings initiated against them by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and in proceedings pending before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection; ongoing, full legal services to commercial partnerships and companies; full legal support of patent agents under the Industrial Property Law Act (e.g. in obtaining and protecting patents, trademarks, establishment of security for receivables on industrial property rights). In all commercial and economic case, the Law Firm provides professional procedural services if a case goes to a court of general jurisdiction or an arbitration tribunal.