The AKLEGAL Law Firm provides comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of the civil law, which is the core of commercial trading, including in particular preparation of, expressing opinions on and negotiating of all types of contracts, both between enterprises (Article 43 (1) of the Civil Code) and consumers (Article 22 (1) of the Civil Code. [e.g. the following contracts: preliminary contracts (Article 389 of the Civil Code), construction contracts, contracts with developers, contracts for sale, hire-purchase of real and personal properties]; enforcing rights to implied warranty or guarantee (in particular against developers); pursuing claims for damages on account of non-performance or defective performance of an obligation (ex contractu, Article 471 et seq. of the Civil Code); pursuing claims for damages or compensation on account of torts (ex delicto, Article 415 et seq. of the Civil Code), as well as traffic accidents and other incidents; pursuing claims for return of unjust enrichment (Article 405 et seq. of the Civil Code); protection of personal rights of natural persons (Article 23 and 24 of the Civil Code) and legal persons (Article 43 of the Civil Code), including commercial partnerships and companies; protection of the right to business name of an enterprise (Article 43 (10) of the Civil Code); protection of the right of ownership of real and personal properties, recovery of real properties, including pursuing vindicatio and negotoria claims (Article 222 of the Civil Code); recovery of the so-called “Warsaw land”; matters related to establishment of limited rights in rem on real properties (e.g. right of way, servitude, mortgage, Article 244 et seq. of the Civil Code); cases concerning immission; cases concerning protection and infringement of possession (Article 342 et seq. of the Civil Code); cases concerning court and out-of-court cancellation of co-ownership (Article 195 et seq. of the Civil Code). In all civil cases, the Law Firm provides professional procedural services if a case goes to a court or an arbitration tribunal.

In October 2012 a report of our authorship was released with the title: „Rotation plots of land on the Internet – legal analysis” (more…)